About Me

My name is Elaine Rendell. I am a fully qualified Angel and Ascension Teacher, graduated from the Diana Cooper School of Angels. Read More.......

Happy is the heart that believes in Angels.

It isn’t only prophets who can hear angel voices, or visionaries who see them, angels are making their presence felt, more and more in everyday life by ‘ordinary’ people. Belief in angels is not tied to any particular religion.

Angels help to provide us with our spiritual and emotional needs. Basically speaking, they take care of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane, but once we’re open to them, we can feel their presence around us all the time.

Guardian angels protect us, and are ready to assist in the lightening of our earthly burdens, if we only ask. As soon as we tune into their wonderful energy we are instantly aware of the love that surrounds us. Their presence leaves a bright spark in your heart which can never be forgotten.

Angels are there for us as guardians, helpers and friends. We don’t have to be whiter than white, but we do need the pureness of intention and a loving heart.

We have been given the gift of angels. A gift, for us all, to graciously accept with open arms, or to ignore, the choice is ours. Angels don’t have to prove themselves. They just are!