About Me

My name is Elaine Rendell. I am a fully qualified Angel and Ascension Teacher, graduated from the Diana Cooper School of Angels. Read More.......


Elaine has never professed to having any special powers she considers herself an “ordinary” person.
A wife and mother of four children. Until 2004 she would have described herself as a complete sceptic and even a lost soul.
The turning point in her life was an angel workshop she attended, the presence of the angels that day left a spark in her heart that she will never forget…   she realised that day that you don’t have to be a clairvoyant or a medium to experience angels.
As Elaine’s spiritual path evolved with passion and gratitude, she found herself wanting to share her knowledge and healing energy .  She enrolled at the Diana cooper school of angels and became a teacher of angels and ascension and started facilitating workshops.  Elaine later went on to become a reiki practitioner. Also qualified in holistic therapies her treatments, indian head massage and aromatherapy massage combined with the beautiful healing energy of the angels are both relaxing and spiritually uplifting.  She teaches and
practises with compassion and empathy, and will help you to find peace, happiness and inner light.