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My name is Elaine Rendell. I am a fully qualified Angel and Ascension Teacher, graduated from the Diana Cooper School of Angels. Read More.......

A higher being

Archangels work and vibrate on a higher lever than regular angels, they could be regarded as supervisor Angelic beings.


Protection strength courage…Archangel of the South and the element of fire… works on the sapphire ray. Ask Archangel Michael to give you physical and emotional protection as well as psychic protection from confrontational situations. He will help to bring about positive results when making any necessary changes for life purpose.


Healing and balance…Archangel of the East and element of air… works on the emerald green ray. Ask Archangel Raphael and his healing angels to help you with physical, emotional and spiritual healing and any rifts in relationships which need healing. Call on him for protection while you are travelling, and also for help when healing others.


Love compassion forgiveness… works on the pink ray of unconditional love. Ask for Archangel Chamuel to enable you to experience self-love and dissolve the feelings of low self esteem. He will also help you to find true love in personal relationships. Call on him to help you find things e.g.

New friends, new jobs and lost items.


Wisdom guidance inspiration ….Archangel of the West and element of water…works on the diamond ray….Archangel Gabriel will give you guidance on your spiritual growth and direction for your future if you ask him wholeheartedly. Ask if you need help with communication or understanding.


Peace…and serenity…Archangel of the North and element of earth…works on the ruby ray. Ask for Inner peace for your own heart and soul and peace within the family. Or again planetary peace can be requested from Archangel Uriel. Ask him to enable you to become a channel for God’s peace.

He will fill you with love and light to soothe and free you from trouble and fear.


Joy…mercy transmutation….Archangel Zadkiel will enfold you in the transformational energy of the violet flame and transmute all your negativity into joy if you ask for this. Ask for help with forgiveness and tolerance.


Creativity…teaching… illumination…. Works on the yellow ray. Ask Archangel Jophiel to give you the inspiration to act and speak creatively in an enlightened way, he is the angel of illumination he will help with all aspects of learning and teaching.


Peace… joy… harmony. Archangel of the earth helps to bring about peace joy and harmony to nature. He collects prayers like flowers and sends them to heaven. Ask him for help with spiritual confusion or negativity.


Represents the judgement of the Divine throne. Also said to be the overseer of the angel keepers of the akashic records. Ask him for help with anything connected to children.